Despite the rapid development of electronic information sources, the paper book will never lose its relevance. Modern offset printing allows you to produce products in small or voluminous print editions. You can order the books printing of any content and genre, choosing such parameters of the products as:

  • soft or hard cover;
  • portrait or landscape orientation;
  • A4, A5, A6 format;
  • print type: full color, black and white;
  • paper type: offset, coated.

Books printing can be performed with or without illustrated inserts (partial, full sheet printing). A separate set of works is devoted to the preparation of a designer cover. According to the request of the client, it can be two-or full-color, matte or glossy, with or without lamination. The printing house “Art-Press” specializes in printing not only author’s publications, but also business books intended for internal use in companies or as presentation materials for business partners.