A booklet, in the traditional variation, is a sheet of paper folded several times, with a two-sided printing. The product contains detailed information about the company, its products, the service provided, that is presented in brief informational blocks. The printing house “Art-Press” offers to order booklets printing with various content – advertising, designed to stimulate consumers to purchase goods and services, as well as image, aimed at informing the public about the company, the event at conferences, meetings, briefings, etc. We print booklets:

  • with one and several folds;
  • A3, A4, A5 formats, and euro-booklets;
  • booklets on paper of different densities – from 90 to 250 g/m2.

The individual design of products can be supplemented by means of post-processing techniques. We can produce booklets with subsequent die cutting, embossing, laminating, conveying, which will help to highlight the company’s image in a qualitative manner against the background of competitors.