A brochure is one of the indispensable advertising tools, that is distinguished by a convenient format, small volume, and a great context. Such products are used as handouts at various presentations, press conferences, exhibitions and other social events, presenting the information about the organization in a concise and accessible form. The printing house “Art-Press” provides an opportunity to order the printing of brochures in such variations:

  • on a staple, in a soft cover;
  • A4, A5, A6 formats or non-standard sizes;
  • of portrait or landscape orientation;
  • with or without designer cover;
  • with color or black and white printing;
  • with or without colored interior inserts;
  • on offset or coated paper with a density of 70 to 200 g/m2.

The price of brochures depends on the chosen combination of the product’s characteristics, as well as from the total edition. Based on the same parameters, the type of printing (digital or offset) is also determined.