Business Cards

No one modern businessperson, who wants to present himself and his activities to the public in a favorable light, can’t do without such image tool as a business card. In the printing house “Art-Press” it is possible to print such variants of this printing products:

  • one- or two-sided;
  • single or double;
  • standard (50 x 90 mm) or mini-business cards;
  • with or without rounded edges;
  • on plain, coated or designer paper;
  • with post-printing processing (lamination, embossing, varnishing).

You can order manufacture and printing of business cards both in individual style and in accordance with the corporate style of the company you represent. The value of a high-quality business card lies not only in its information and advertising function, but also in its aesthetic look. That’s why it will be kept in your own purse, or in the purse of the addressee for a long time.