Desktop design

Desktop designs (tablets) have a wide scope of application: business firms, restaurants, bars, fitness centers, public events (exhibitions, press conferences, presentations, symposiums, etc.). The main purpose of goods is to provide useful information for customers/visitors: administrative officers’ last names, first names and patronymics, information on tables’ reservation in public establishments, description of products on trading floors, descriptions of products at exhibitions, work schedules for different institutions. In the printing house “Art-Press” we offer to order desktop designs of different types and sizes, such as:

  • standard and exclusive designs;
  • one- or two-sided;
  • design with any color base and images;
  • designs of standard and non-standard sizes.

We guarantee high-quality printing of desktop designs with possible post-printing processing: engraving, embossing, conveying, and laminating – depending on the client’s preferences.