Flyer (leaflet)

A flyer is a leaflet that differs in a small format, containing concise advertising information and calling the target audience to action – visiting an institution or event, ordering a service, purchasing goods, etc. It is appropriate to order a flyer for notifying potential customers about different promotions, discounts, sales, etc. These products have such advantages as bright and colorful design, juicy print, minimum of text and maximum of informative presentation. “Art-Press” offers the production of flyers in such variants:

  • one- and two-sided flyers;
  • integrated and with tear-off coupons;
  • leaflets on paper of different densities – from 90 to 350 g/m2;
  • A4, A5, A6 formats, as well as mini-flyers (148×70 mm).

According the request of the client, we can be perform post-printing processing: perforation, die cutting, laminating, embossing, conveying, varnishing, etc. Low prices for printing flyers make it possible to turn this type of products into an inexpensive and effective tool for communication with the target audience.