Hanger is a small format (200 x 90 mm) tablet that is designed to be suspended on the door handle. Traditionally, these products are used in hotels for informing the staff: “Do not disturb”, “Do not clean up”, “Clean up”, etc. Today hangers are used by long-sighted organizations in order to distribute advertisements of their own goods and services: modern people do not even look into their mailboxes, but they will see the colorful mini-tablet on the door handle of his apartment for sure. The “Art-Press” manufactures hangers for:

  • door handles;
  • bottles;
  • racks;
  • hangers;
  • fabric holders, etc.

In order to make the design of the product irresistible and memorable, it is possible to make the post-printing of hangers with stamping, applying UV varnish, laminating, cutting. Bright images, large fonts, minimum of text and maximum of useful information about the company, and affordable price – these are the advantages, which ensure the popularity of such printing products.