The production of notebooks is one of the directions of the “Art-Press” printing house. With the help of advertising and information messages, printed on covers, fly-sheets or directly on sheets of products, it is possible to ensure the promotion of goods and services provided by companies on the market. The presence of marketing tools for organizing branded notebooks positively affects the formation of its image in the eyes of the target audience. We can order notebooks:

  • on the spring;
  • on the adhesive basis;
  • stapled.

Products can be made in various formats – from A6 to A4. In addition, we can make a perforation of sheets or corners, tear-off sheets. The price of notebooks depends on the availability of the cover – the products can be produced with or without it, depending on the purpose and type. We embody various design solutions for the manufacture of covers – with partial and complete imprint, hard and soft, with lamination, varnishing, embossing, etc.