Requirements for the layout printing and delimitation of colors

Requirements are the basic and they are suitable for the majority of printing house work. However, depending on the type of work requirements can be supplemented. In this regard, before preparing the layout, please contact the manager who leads the order, or to the repro-center.

The usage of one or another method of creating a layout in a certain program implies understanding of the technique, and the printing house can not be responsible for its incorrect utilization.

Layouts prepared in Microsoft Office programs are not accepted!

The work is accepted in the case of all components of the layout’s electronic version are available. The work by parts is not accepted. Necessarily the availability of a printout, which should include all technical information about the product: cutting contour, die cutting, location and sign of blanking, folding, sign of the front and the back of a product, number of color inks, etc. The printout must be signed by the customer with an indication of the date and the signature “To be printed”. The printout can be provided in electronic format (JPG or PDF format), taking into account all the requirements above. The resolution of raster objects must be 120-150 dpi (only for printouts!), for reducing the size of files.

  • All used elements should be colored in CMYK color model, when preparing a full-color layout.
  • In preparing a multicolor layout, the triad colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and/or spot colors (in this case, the exact name of the specified colors have to be provided) must be used. The order is printed in the ink of the paint color that is being selected in the corresponding catalog of Pantone paints, directly when order receiving.
  • According to the technological tolerances for the paints mixing, a reverse print in a solid plate consisted of more than two colors, and a font lighter than background of the size that is less than 8 points are not recommended to be done. Otherwise, the reverse print will probably “bleed” and the legibility of the text will go down.
  • All elements of a monochrome layout should be black regardless of the printed edition color.
  • Multipage documents, brochures, books are accepted only in the InDesign CS-CS6 layout program or in Adobe PDF format (version up to 1.8). The format and margins of the layout must first be confirmed with the manager. Multi-page works should be provided in one file, the page order in the file should be corresponded to the order of pages in the finished product, the pages printing is done by the printing house.
    Do not use clipboard to import layout elements in the document!
  • There should be added 2 mm per cut (3mm under die cutting) from the size of the finished product on each side of the layout sheet, regardless of the layout product on the printed sheet.
  • The distance from the edge of the cut short to the elements of the image, which should not be cut, must be at least 3 mm. As for books in hardcover – it is not less than 8 mm.
  • Multi-page brochures, books are cut short to 3 mm from three sides.
  • Hardcover books are cut short to 5 mm from three sides.
  • In a spring-type covering, the distance from the edge of the sheet to the relevant elements must be at least 12 mm along the perforation side.
The thickness of contour lines and their attributes, the color of each object and the minimum font size are not checked by repro-center.

In the case of using lines with a thickness of less than 0.053 mm (0.15 pt), these lines may not be visible on the screen or printout, but will necessarily appear on printed copy. For all lines with a thickness of less than 0.053 mm (0.15 pt), their thickness will be automatically increased to 0.053 mm (0.15 pt).

All overprintings are wiped off automatically. In case of special overprint function usage you must specify this on the printout and notify the employee accepting the order.

By default, all works are assigned with the attribute of overlapping over solid black paint (overprint Black 100%). In case of using a large black fill in the layout sheet, it should be painted not in 100% Black, but in “deep black”. It is necessary to add some other colors to 100% Black, otherwise there will be visible “drawing” from the rest of the colors (since the rest of the paints covers on the black one in printing) on the black solid plate. To get the darkest possible shades of black color, it is necessary to use the following proportion of colors: Cyan – 80%, Magenta – 70%, Yellow – 40%, Black – 100%.

Depending on the nature of the image, and according to the technological need, the printing house can apply trapping with the certain parameters at its own discretion.

  • We accept vector images prepared in Adobe Illustrator CS-CS6, CorelDraw 9.0-X7.
All applied fonts must be converted in curves.
  • Do not include bitmap (raster) images in the illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Keep them on the links. Raster images in CorelDraw must necessarily be embedded in the document.
  • If Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files and CorelDraw special effects (lenses, shadows, transparency, glow, special fills) put in CorelDraw documents, they should be rasterized. The printing house does not take responsibility for incorrect conversion.
  • When using the effects of shadows, transparency, glow, etc. in Adobe Illustrator, there must be applied Object / Expand Appearance.

Bitmap are accepted in TIFF, EPS (ASCII, Binary) formats with 225-350 dpi (in real size) resolution in the CMYK color model without additional channels (alpha channels). All appropriate layers must be combined together (Tag Layer / Flatten Image). When using bitmap with a resolution of more than 350 dpi, it is automatically reduced to 350 dpi. As a result, a reduction of image quality can happen (deterioration of sharpness, color tone shift, etc.). Therefore, in this case, the printing house does not accept complaints to the quality of raster images.

  • Only layouts prepared in InDesign CS-CS6 could be accepted.
  • It is necessary to provide all used fonts and their outlines (put in a separate directory, do not provide extra fonts) along with the layout.
  • All imported images should be placed in one directory. They should not be embedded in the document. Keep them on the links. For objects on the links, the same file names are needed to be avoided.

Files can be provided on the following media:

  •  on CD or DVD;
  •  on external media with USB-interface;
  •  through publicly available file hosting.
  • Files can also be sent to the email address of the printing house manager “Art-Press”, who leads your order (the size of one mail is not more than 5 MB) or “laid out” on our FTP-server. This can be done by making a request to the email address, and indicating the name of your organization and the name of the manager of the printing house “Art-Press”, who leads your order, in the body of the mail. In the response letter, you will get all necessary data to access the FTP server.

To preserve the integrity of files and prevent the loss of information when transmitting over the Internet, transferred files must be archived in ZIP or RAR. If you are not following the requirements, and in case of problems with the layout through data loss during transmission over the Internet, the typography will not be responsible for that.

  • The profile for offset printing, completely relevant to European standards, according to which we work today, can be found on the official website of the European Color Initiative (ECI) – ( )
  • For coated papers – ISOcoated_v2_eci.icc
  • For uncoated papers – ISOuncoated.icc
  • Required file for PC and MAC: можно скачать ЗДЕСЬ

Requirements mentioned above are the basic and they are suitable for the majority of printing house work. However, depending on the type of work requirements can be supplemented. In this regard, before preparing the layout, please contact the manager who leads the order, or to the repro-center.

In the case of unfollowing the requirements, the layout is considered to be prepared incorrectly and will not be accepted in the work. The repro-center of the printing house “Art-Press” does not provide the refinement of the layout. If it is necessary to modify the layout, please contact the manager of the printing house “Art-Press”, who leads your order.

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