Commercial department

Regardless of the order type and scope, work with it begins in the commercial department, where employees calculate the final cost of the future products. The amount is determined taking into account such parameters as:

  •  the number of copies;
  •  the cost of materials that will be spent on production;
  •  the fixed rates for the services (typography, printing, post-press processing);
  •  the deadline for the order’s delivery to the client.

Using a common base of orders, managers apply a special computer program of calculation. This allows you to simplify the work with the sample products and reduces to zero the possibility of errors in the calculation.


Design Studio

After that, the order gets into the design studio to the hands of creative experts working on the design of the layout and creation of the unique style of each product – from a miniature pocket calendar or a business card to a solid book folio. The design of “ART-PRESS” products is distinguished by:

  •  originality;
  •  individual approach;
  •  professional implementation.

Using the imagination, applying the laws of artistic skill, psychology, using information about the purpose of products, each designer creates a unique design, which will stand out this product among the mass of similar products.


Repro house

It is important to correctly and accurately produce pre-print preparation to design be embodied in a well-executed finished product to 100%. This responsible task is entrusted to the specialists of the repro house who prepare images for printing, considering:

  •  type of paper and the nature of the production process;
  •  tolerances for sheet matching;
  •  data of future carving.

A preliminary color test that is performed for each product, allows you to see how the result will look like. Identified color inaccuracies are eliminated, and the client receives the final products that not only serve as a source of information, but also bring an aesthetic pleasure.


Printing department

Employees of this department are endowed with an important mission. They need to breathe the life into the model developed by designers. The high-quality printing books, magazines, brochures, business cards, etc., recognized not only on the all-Ukrainian, but also on the international market of printing products, and it is the result of application:

  •  modern fleet of equipment for offset and digital printing which consists of:
    • HEIDELBERG Speedmaster CD 102-5+L
    • HEIDELBERG Speedmaster CD 102-4+L
    • HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 74-5
    • HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 52-4
    • HEIDELBERG S-Offset SORM 74
    • HEIDELBERG Printmaster PM 52-2
  • the latest achievements in the field of computer technology;
  • profound professional knowledge and many years of experience of specialists.

Each print passes through a quality control system, which guarantees the prevention of errors and minimization of rejects.


Post-press processing department

This is where that the finished product is born. The edition is cared to be delivered to its customers on time, without minimal delays, by professionals who have at their disposal all the necessary high-tech equipment for performing post-processing:

  •  sheet matching (max format – A2);
  •  folding (max format – A1);
  •  staple blocks of notebooks;
  •  carving;
  •  glued joint of the unit and the product cover;
  •  stamping, conveying;
  •  lamination (max format – A1);
  •  die-cutting (max format – A1).

Gradual quality control is an integral component of the work on the edition in this department, which completely excludes the possibility of defect.