Diaries have become the inalienable attributes of business people, accompanying their owners at almost every step. They are designed to capture the schedule of upcoming events, such as meetings, negotiations, events, trips, phone calls, etc., and allow to optimize personal time and correctly plan the working day. Diaries manufacture is one of the company “Art-Press” specializations, and each customer has an opportunity to order products:

  • with white or cream indoor unit;
  • with a plain or illustrated cover;
  • with dated or undated sheets;
  • stitched or glued;
  • with a cardboard or leatherette cover.

Hard cardboard covers can be supplemented with matte or glossy lamination, and made of a leather substitute – a layer of foam rubber, that makes it soft and pleasant to the touch. Diaries printing is combined with post-printed covers processing – embossing, full or partial application of UV varnish, convex, die cutting.