Magazines and catalogs

Magazines are periodical printed publications of various content, made in a stitched form. To ensure the desired popularity to the product, the publisher should think not only about its content, also provide the interesting design and high level of printing. Colorful, non-overloaded with information, magazines, made of high-quality materials, are attractive to the target audience and reliable to regular readers. The company “Art-Press” carries out the printing of magazines:

  • on offset and coated paper of various density;
  • in the formats from A3 to B7;
  • two- or full-colored;
  • fastened by means of staples or glue;
  • with a thick or thin cover.

As an additional decoration of the cover we can use a partial or complete coating with protective or UV varnish, glossy or matte lamination. Depending on the number of copies, we utilize a digital or offset method of making magazines.