A postcard is considered to be one of the most universal types of printing products that can be used not only as a congratulatory souvenir, but also as an advertisement and image tool. A unique design, developed in accordance with the corporate style of the company, could significantly enhance the unity of the team. Printing postcards and their delivery to employees, regular and potential customers will brightly and unobtrusively remind the target audience about themselves, showing attention to it and expressing gratitude. The printing house “Art-Press” offers such variations of products as:

  • A3, A4, A5, A6 formats, euro-postcards, non-standard sizes for individual order;
  • with one- or two-sided printing;
  • with one or two folds;
  • with post-printing processing: embossing, embossing, lamination, varnishing, die cutting.

If your goal is to personify any congratulations and qualitatively present your organization among the competitors, it will be a rational move to order postcards. The attention shown to clients will be the best way to motivate them for partnership.